Solar power substation converter

Package consists of:

  • 20′ High Cube type Container
  • Solar Convertor
  • Voltage rising Convertor
  • 2L+1P circle power cable Block
  • Auxiliary Units
  • Auxiliary Converter
  • Power supplies for Converters
  • Ventilation System
  • Safety Elements
  • Warming System

The substation is manufactured in a containerized design based on a robust metal structure equivalent to a 20' ISO High Cube 20' container.
The main advantages include high security, low weight, and good logistical advantages.

This solution offers an ideal location for solar inverters and other electrical equipment, ensuring the best results when converting solar energy into electricity, regardless of environmental factors.

By choosing a medium-voltage containerized solar station, you get everything you need to convert solar energy in one convenient turnkey package.

Technical characteristics (500 kWt example):

Container substation type PV500VK2
Nominal power 500 kWt




Max input voltage 1000 V DC (I)
Max panels power (reccom.) 600 kWt
Minimal input voltage 500 V DC
Voltage range 500-800 V DC
Nominal input current 1000 А
Input cable diameter (max) 185 mm2
Cable connection type Buss (М12)
Voltage overload protection Yes


Nominal output voltage 20 kV (24 kV isolation) (II)
Nominal output power 500 kWt
Output frequency 50 Hz
Efficiency level (cos phi) during working time Adjustable –  0,8-1 lead/delay(at daytime)
NHD (%) <3%
Medium Voltage Rising converter power 500 kVA
Rising converter type

 DyN11Yn11 | Electrolyte (II)

Circuit configuration 2L+1P (II)

Auxiliary sources

Auxiliary converter 16 кVA (II)
Power source block Yes


Container material Metal
Protection level Electronics  – IP54 | Converter  – IP43
Gabarites  (мм) 6054x2438x2896
Elevation <2000 м
  Temperature regime -20°C … +40°C
Relative humidity degree <95%



Ethernet or Modbus RTU


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