“Water-to-water” cooling system of cabinet type



Heat-exchangers «water–to–water» of cabinet version type SV are designed for cooling of different electric equipment under bled waste powers 10 to 150 kW. Specifically, they are designed for cooling TFC, FCI generators, current sources for ДППТ and other items with water cooling.


  • Fully programmable microprocessor control. Temperature of cooled object is stabilized automatically under heat output energy variation and recycling water flow is increased or decreased till full stop of flow.
  • Heat-exchanger primary circuit, switched to equipment cooling system (source of heat), is filled with distilled water cycling with use of electric pump. The pump can be duplicated for continuous manufacturing process.
  • Requirements to secondary circuit water quality are quite low that permits to fill water from distribution system or factory recycled water system. Above all the recycled water shall be free from contaminations and its temperature shall not exceed 35°
  • Water purification in primary circuit is carried out regularly by filter changing.
  • SV series heat-exchangers are completed optionally with switching automatically heater to avoid water freezing.
  • Heat-exchanger control can be remote or from local panel.

Designed to comply with RoHS and REACH requirements.


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