Induction furnaces with melting process

Induction smelting units are designed for melting of steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper and their alloys, and also for manufacture of special alloys.

Capacity: 0.1 to 3 t

Frequency: 250 to 2400 Hz

Power: 100 to 3200 kW

Set of melting system:

  1. Induction melting furnace (one or two smelting units)
  2. Induction power supply unit
  3. Line transformer
  4. Electro-thermal water-cooled capacitor unit
  5. Melting system control panel (Melting check)
  6. Weighing system
  7. Temperature sensing system
  8. Furnace angular position hydraulic actuator
  9. Cooling system with heat-exchanger “water-to-water”

Induction melting furnace includes the following:

  • Furnace casing
  • Furnace braces with brackets for casing and hydraulic cylinders
  • Hydraulic cylinders of furnace angular position
  • Inductor of special copper profile. Furnace inductor is a removable unit that can be repaired or replaced
  • Water-cooled magnetic conductors are to be a core made of electric steel. Magnetic conductors have water cooling in the area of inductor outs. They equipped with fuse carriers for improvement of inductor insulation resistance.
  • Support unit of water-cooled current distributors
  • Furnace cover with flange for coal and gas removal system actuation deflecting by hydraulic actuator

Power supply unit comprising:

  • Generator for supplying of induction heating devices TFC series
  • Digital control system of power supply unit
  • Adjusting throttle
  • Water cooling system
  • Set of maintenance documentation
  • SPTA

Power supply unit was specially designed for operation in set of induction melting systems. It incorporates the developments of ТрПЧ and ТПЧ series that company TET ESTEL conducting since 1968. Converter is equipped with new microprocessor control system providing control from front converter panel and operator panel as well.

Major advantages of generators are in their adjusting features:

  • output voltage variation range is 20 to 100% vs rated one
  • range of load power adjustment is 3 to 100% vs rated one

Melting system control panel (Melting control)

Fully digital multi-functional operator panel with graphic touchpad is used for melting system control. It is arranged in front control cabinet panel and located in place to ease operate.

Few tabs, indicated in one display, integrate converters control panel, cooling system control panel, control unit panel of lining status, strain-gauges system panel for weighing of fusion mixture, etc. The only single panel is a furnace angular position hydraulic actuator control panel, arranged in close vicinity to the smelting units.


  • automatic annealing function
  • automatic heating function (cold start)
  • automatic water pump cut-off function
  • smooth system start and stop
  • furnace optimum loading indication
  • record of melting parameters

Designed to comply with RoHS and REACH requirements.


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