Open/vacuum arc furnaces

Company TET Estel supplies jointly with its partners the direct arc DC furnaces (open and vacuum ones).

Furnaces with capacitance of 0.1 to 50 tons are used for melting of steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, ferro-alloys, precious metals, nickel, etc.

Advantages of arc DC furnaces:

  • Less electrodes consumption vs arc AC furnaces
  • Arc in the DC furnace is more stable vs AC furnaces
  • Noise level is 15 dB less vs AC furnaces

Melting systems are equipped with new control system and provide the following:

  • Automatic control during whole melting process
  • Display of current data about melting process
  • Automatic certification of melting
  • Computer testing of furnace readiness for melting
  • Archiving of melting process data
  • Archiving of melting process digital videograms

Delivery set of furnace includes the following:

  • Mechanical part of furnace
  • Hydraulic equipment
  • High voltage equipment
  • Thyristor and transistor power supply units
  • Power transformer
  • Low voltage equipment
  • Furnace automatic control system
  • Auxiliary facilities (charging devices, buckets, steel teeming ladle cars, etc.)

All constructions and mechanisms shall pass stages of procedure computer modeling and check assembly of critical components in “hardware” before supplying.


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