Project supported by EAS Estonia

TET Estel with the support of EAS Enterprise Estonia took part in the project: New generation frequency inverter.
The project was started on July 2019 and finished two years later, on July 21, 2021.
The total cost of the project is 148,064.00 euros, of which self-financing is 65%, and support from EAS Estonia is 35%.

The purpose of the project is:

- development of a new high-quality and functional product in the field of induction heaters to create a "new generation frequency converter", which would include both the basic principles of solutions developed over the years, and an innovative approach to the product structure and the ideology of building algorithms. The term "Next Generation Frequency Inverter" refers to a series of IGBT-based inverters that incorporate the principles of unification, modularity and technology, as well as new algorithmic control methods to improve product reliability and efficiency.
- with the help of a new device, to increase the export potential of the company, international competitiveness, expand participation in international markets, find new customers, partners, represent the country in the international arena.
- distribution of the Estonian product in the EU, and in the future also in the markets of other countries.

Project result: As a result of the work done, a new generation frequency converter for induction heating was successfully developed, manufactured, tested, delivered to the customer and put into operation.

Already during the commissioning work, the customer expressed interest in ordering and commissioning the next similar product, which indicates the success of the project and the correctness of the selected technical solutions.

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