TET Estel offers comprehensive solutions for various industries. We undertake full scale project management, starting with documents analysis up to start-up procedures adjustment.

Company carries out various projects both as a general contractor and as a subcontractor.

Each project is controlled by TET Estel itself on every stage of development, that provides a highest level of quality and eliminates any additional risk associated with responsibility share.

In order to ensure successful and safe start-up of equipment, TET Estel testing specialists visiting the site to carry out commissioning work.

If necessary, our specialists can also supervise the equipment installation (chief – supervision), which takes place right before commissioning.

To comply with an efficiency of the overall project and guarantee the highest result, all of the terms and site readiness pre-conditions must be negotiated before leaving experts’ for the premises. Thus, start-up operations can be carried out in shortest possible time frame, allowing the equipment to become in operation condition as soon as possible.

TET Estel offers its own obsolete equipment restoration along with general electrical equipment repair services.

Our experts will help to estimate equipment repair cost-effectiveness in comparison to replacing it with the new one. We always find the best solution for your problem, combined of desired results and optimal costs.

We care about our customer, hence pay a very careful attention to after-sales service. Managers of TET Estel provide regular equipment monitoring to check its required specifications degree concordance and, in turn, to secure Customer satisfaction.

Each customer has a personal manager, which can be reach for consulting via phone or email.

To ensure quality of products maintenance and warranty processes, TET Estel enterprise established a list of important activities:

  • Spare parts set, supplied with the equipment, regular update and optimisation;
  • Working equipment ultimate repair-on-a-field kits constant availability;
  • Equipment installation, maintenance and commissioning field works protocol introduction;
  • TET Estel equipment maintenance and repair field operation teams formation and training;
  • Debugging feedback channels on supply, installation and equipment working condition during warranty and post-warranty period on a contractual basis;
  • Providing rapid response and eliminating products inconsistencies to technical requirements, identified during transportation, storage, installation and operation period;
  • Claims and warranty works organization and management.

All requests and claims will be responded ASAP. We admire our clients and appreciate your time.

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