Supply of equipment for the Belarusian holding "BELAVTOMAZ"

TET Estel won a tender consisting of 4 lots for the supply of equipment for induction heating for Belavtomaz holding company – MAZ OJSC. We are binded with MAZ OJSC by long-term mutually beneficial cooperation. Dozens of units of TET Estel equipment were supplied to Belavtomaz holding enterprises, their operation over the years has proved high efficiency, reliability and durability.

The equipment is intended for three plants of MAZ OJSC: a thermogalvanic plant, a forge plant and a spring plant.

The supply set consists of three generators for supplying induction heating devices with a dual-circuit water cooling system as well as two induction heating lines for heating of spring sheet semi products before treatment up to given temperature.

Our modern high-tech equipment will provide the Customer with a high level of productivity, improve the quality of products and reduce energy costs.

Equipment supply and its start up are planned for the III quarter of 2020.

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